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Unreleased current projects

Photo composition, design, type design - contact to request password. By requesting access, you are agreeing not to share this content with the public.

Nuisance Bear (2021)

for The Academy


December 2022. Digital illustration for the poster for the award-winning documentary short film, Nuisance Bear. After getting on the 95th Oscars Shortlist for Best Documentary Short Film, Liza was commissioned by directors Jack Weisman and Gabriela Osio Vanden through Version Industries for a poster design to use in their Oscars nomination submission. The idea for the poster relies on the usage of extreme contrast and negative space to raise the central question of the film - who is the real nuisance?
Art direction and type design by Caspar Newbolt.


Superior (2015) Re-release

September 2022. Worked with Version Industries to design the poster for Erin Vassilopoulos' 2015 short film, Superior, now re-released through the Criterion Channel. Selected backdrop, photographed it, and photo edited. Designed and rendered the main drawing. Executed the end-credit titles for the film.

Art direction and type design by Caspar Newbolt.


Landscape (I) + Portrait (II) Double Album Covers for Matte Black


August 2022. Worked with Version Industries to design the covers for Matte Black's new records, Landscape and Portrait, released in 2023. Etching on mini milk carton with watercolor stain. 

Art direction and type design by Caspar Newbolt, based on original drawings by Thomas Newbolt, and still life photography by Matt McAlpin.

Fanny Pack Radio

April 2022 - January 2023. Created logo animation and developed templates for social media graphics. Had full creative freedom, developed design direction and brand color palette as well.


Joshua Tree trip + "Desert Days" playlist promotional video for Instagram/Youtube. Part of a series of videos Liza created for Fanny Pack Radio. Acted as colorist, editor, audio producer, motion graphic animator.


Oren's Coffee x Spec Brands Studios

2021. Created main animated illustration and a few spot illustrations for the coffee company's advertisement with Spec Brands Studios. Each spot illustration represents a different type of bean from different parts of the world.

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