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Adventures in printmaking, collage, and photography.


In the past few years, I've moved away from painting, shifting towards more experimental mediums, embracing the "happy little accidents."

My work leans into body distortion, tenderness, and the interaction between people and their environments. I address questions of identity, grief, nostalgia, and displacement.

printmaking + collage

While my go-to print technique is silkscreen, my other printmaking mediums include riso, copper plate etching, monoprint, and cyanotype, and mix-and-matching the lot. I like experimenting with silkscreen CMYK separation, and often use my own photography and collage as the basis for my print work.

b&w photography

Black and white film photography shot, processed, and edited in-lab using double negative exposure and dodge and burn techniques by me. For the double negative project, I combined studio portrait photography with textures and spaces found on the streets of New York. Pentax K1000 with 50mm lens + Ilford HP5 Plus Black and White Film (400 ISO) + Ilford Multigrade FB Classic Paper (Glossy, 8 x 10").

documentary photo

Documenting special moments of daily life. Yashica T4 Super + Fujifilm Superia X-TRA 400 Color 35mm Film (400 ISO) / iPhone 13 Pro / Canon EOS 60D with 18-70 mm lens.